Let Your Injury Be A Catalyst For Life Change!

About Karen

I'm an explorer, wife, mother, and founder of www.fireflytransformation.com, that loves the outdoors - skiing, running & yoga.  As a kid I was the last to be picked for sports teams because I didn't believe I was athletic.  


Thanks to a wonderful husband and the backdrop of amazing outdoor playgrounds of NZ and Canada, a passion for sporting participation was born.  From mini- triathlons to half marathons, I realised that anyone with enough focus and practice can discover the fun of sports.  Getting beyond the fear of participation, meant I not only became physically fitter but also benefited from becoming healthier and mentally stronger.

Everything came to a grinding halt when I tore my ACL whilst on a guided ski tour with friends.  Because I had strong leg muscles and minimal swelling around my knee at time of injury, diagnosis of an ACL tear was inconclusive.  I had to learn to become my own best medical advocate throughout my recovery process, from convincing health professionals to do an MRI to navigating the whole rehab process and overcome post surgery blues.  


My journey took me far beyond simple recovery.  I attribute my injury to being the catalyst that has significantly changed my life for the better.  My wish is to share with you the valuable information that I picked up along the way and emphasise that your injury does not need to be the worst thing that happens to you.  Let it be the catalyst that get's you to stop and take stock of how you treat your whole body, from the food you consume, to the nuturing that you give your mind and spirit.

...This is your chance to become stronger, faster, healthier and happier!

Power Beyond

When you have a debilitating sporting injury you have a choice:

Be a victim, feel sorry for yourself and persevere with the recovery process until you get back on your feet...


Be an activist, seeking every opportunity to heal faster and learn new approaches so you can return to your passion as a better athlete...

Which do you choose to be?


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