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Strength from within - knee rehab
Best results come from a holistic approach to healing including diet, exercise & mindfulness ...


Heal Like A Top Athlete!


Whether you have a top team around you to support your recovery or you are going it alone, viewing your injury as an opportunity to improve your performance is the healthiest way to rehab.  There are many life changes that happen during recovery that are conducive to deep healing:  

  • You are forced to take time out from your usual schdule as you rehab.

  • You have to re-assess your whole exercise routine, with reduction in cardio for a period.

  • If surgery is required, there is an extended period during which you have to retrain your brain to accept your rebuilt knee.

  • Pain and healing forces introspection.


Each of these factors can contribute to feelings of frustration and even depression.  The chemistry in your whole body is impacted, through change in exercise routines and increase in toxins caused by inflamation and potential intake of pain medication and other drugs.

Focusing with the intention to not only heal, but improve your overall performance, creates a mindset of positive and holistic healing.   You will work to achieve outcomes beyond the mere rehab of your knee.  This mindset creates the space and momentum to refine your whole self, and to achieve better outcomes.


Diet - Nutrition & Supplements

You are what you eat!  When your body suffers an injury, your whole system kicks in to start the healing process.  Eating foods that boost the immune system, reduce inflamation and promote cell repair, can significantly reduce your recovery time and improve your experience.  Learn more>>


Exercise - Strengthen Core

Soley focusing rehab on your knee is like building a car with one tyre.  By strengthening your whole body, especially your core, you create a solid foundation to optimise your knee performance.  Learn more>>


Mindfulness - Mental Strength

Recovery depends as much on mental strength as physical, but is often overlooked.  When your body is harmed you are in 'fight or flight' mode, with large amounts of adrenaline being pushed to your limbs. Mindfulness techniques enhance the production of "happy chemicals" such as dopamine and seratonin in your brain.  These allow clear thinking and a deeper sense of calm, so recovery becomes much less of a struggle.  Learn more>>

Enduring Performance

Creating a balanced wellness plan over the long term that incorporates diet, exercise and mindfulness will enable you to move beyond recovery to new and higher levels of performance than pre-injury.  Learn more>>