Healing Your Energy Body

Top 5 Mindfulness Tools

You are familiar with your physical body, but did you know your whole energetic system is composed of many layers of energy which constantly interact?  These energies can be grouped into four general bodies:

  • Physical, regulating all of your body system

  • Emotional, regulating your emotional state

  • Mental, regulating your ideas, thoughts and beliefs

  • Spiritual, regulating your connection to the universe 

Sound Healing
ACL rehab Accupuncture
Active Visualisation

You are an athlete and want to not only return to the sport you love but ideally excel even further.  It is absolutely possible! Neuroscientists at Harvard used a technique known as TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to test the brain activity of two groups.  Group one played the piano for 5 days and group two imagined they were playing for 5 days.  They found there was little or no difference between the brain activity of the two groups.  A similar test got basketball players to practice hoop scoring and another group to imagine improving hoop scoring.  The group that imagined practicing improved their performance more than those that had actually practiced. 

The brain is unable to differentiate between real and imagined activities if the visualization is fully immersive. Active visualization is a powerful tool to not only heal but also improve your sporting performance.  The key to active visualization is to imagine yourself achieveing an outcome by running through the steps to get there and infusing ALL sensory inputs along the way.  You need to imagine what you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you taste as you step through the process to achieve the outcome.  This visual experience triggers the brain to accept it as a real experience and deliver the according results. So get actively visualizing!

Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, as it is generally known, is easy to learn and practice anywhere.  Developed by Gary Graig of Stanford University, It is a powerful way to dissolve chronic physical pain, and pain attached to emotions e.g. emotions such as fear (of never being able to get back to sports after injury). Tapping specifically nourishes your emotional and mental energies.  Based on accupressure principals, Tapping stimulates  your meridian points on the head, chest, underarms and karate chop point.   You think about a specific issue and voice key phrases to clear emotional blocks to restore energetic balance.  

Learn to Tap >>

1  Reduce Pain - Tapping

2  Post Surgery Recovery - Sound Healing

Cat's purr at a frequency of 20-140Hz known to be medically healing.  Every cell type in our bodies from bones, to soft tissue have a different frequency and all work together like an orchestra.  When we are healthy everything is in harmony.  When we are sick or injured that harmony becomes blocked.   As we are made up of 70% of water - a great conductor of sound, we are highly reactive to sound. Sound healing works by changing the vibrational frequencies of our cells.  At specific frequencies those changes can target specific cells to create healing.  Sound healing is proven to calm nerves, heal infection and inflamation, is great at promoting the repair of soft tissue, such as tendons and bones and will lower your blood pressure.

If you are not already meditating, during injury is the perfect time to learn. Research has proven that meditation changes chemical activity in the brain and enables brain cells to regenerate.  When you are injured, your body is in fight or flight mode, where a large amount of adreniline is pumped to your arms and legs - at a time when you have no where to go to run it off.  This build up causes anxiety and frustration. Meditation increases the release of seratonin and dopamine (the happy drugs) into our body, which calms the nervous system and promotes clarity of mind. Having clarity will enable you to navigate your recovery process with more ease, to make the best decisions for your rehab, as well as reducing the physical impacts created by the flight or fight signals your body is dealing with.

3  Avoid Depression - Meditating

4 Stimulate Recovery - Acupuncture

Acupuncture interacts with your body's energy meridians which provide the stucture of your energetic system, just as your veins provide the structure of your cardiovascular system.  Your meridans are the communication highways between your physical and other bodies.  Acupuncture is based on treating the root cause of a problem rather than the presenting symptoms.  Tiny needles are placed on specific points on your meridians to stimulate movement of energy.  Acupuncture can be highly effective both pre and post surgery to boost your immune system, calm your nervous system, reduce pain and reduce internal and external scaring to speed healing.

5  Improve Perfomance - Active Visualization

4 Energy Bodies - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

The state of all of your bodies of energy will determine your overall health.  Some energy can be measured, such as your cells' electromagnetism or the sound of your beating heart, and some are composed of energy that can only be detected by their cause, such as attracting and repelling another person.

Energy, which is really information, is constantly flowing between all of your bodies, having a causal effect.  A physical injury has an impact on your emotional, mental and spiritual states.  By focusing your healing solely on your physical knee injury, you are potentially ignoring emotional, mental or spiritual wounds, that if not addressed could manifest a number of challenges at a different time in your life.  Often people are unaware of this causal link.  

By understanding this critical link between all of the energy fields that make you who you are, you can approach healing from a holistic perspective.  You will not only heal faster but also become stronger.

The following tools are great ways to tap into and heal your other bodies of energy...

Take a DEEP breath.  

How do you feel after tapping?  Re-test the intensity of your concern and give a score of 1-10.  If one round of tapping has not reduced your concern enough, continue to tap until the intensity is down to 1.

Tapping Points - Mindfulness

Tapping in 5 Easy Steps

 Identify your Concern:

Make a mental note of what ails you E.g. “My knee hurts” “I am afraid of surgery”

 Rate the Intensity of your Concern:

Using a scale of 1 -10 (1= low 10= intense), RATE how you currently feel.  This provides a base line.

  • For emotional concerns, you can recreate the memories in your mind and assess your degree of discomfort.

  • For physical ailments you can simply assess the existing pain or discomfort.

  • For performance concerns you can test your performance and then measure how close or far you are from your expectations.

 Create your Set Up statement:

Design a simple phrase that captures your concern. IMPORTANT: Language used must be negative, because this causes energy disruptions to the system that allows clearing to occur.
“Even though I have this painful knee, I deeply and completely accept myself”.  Repeat three times while continuously Tapping the KC point with tips of two fingers (either hand can be used), this lets your system know what you’re trying to address.  

Tapping Points

KC:     Karate Chop point located at the center of the              fleshy part of the outside of your hand (either              hand)

TOH:  Top of Head.

EB:     Beginning of inside eyebrow, just above and to              one side of the nose.

SE:     Side of Eye (outside near hair line).

UE:     Under Eye about 1 inch below your pupil.

UN:    Under Nose and the top of your upper lip.

Ch:     Chin (midway from bottom of your lower lip &              Chin).

CB:    Collar Bone (junction where the sternum                       (breastbone), collarbone and the first rib meet             in center).

UA:   Under Arm (even with the nipple (for men) or in           the middle of the bra strap (for women)).

 Start Your Tapping Sequence:

Repeat a reminder phrase to keep your system tuned into the issue. E.g. Repeat when at each tap point... "This painful knee".

Using tip of two fingers, tap points in order (you can tap points on either side of the body or both).  This stimulates and balances the body’s pathways.

  1. Top of the Head (TOH)

  2. Beginning of the Eyebrow (EB)

  3. Side of the Eye (SE)

  4. Under the Eye (UE)

  5. Under the Nose (UN)

  6. Chin Point (Ch)

  7. Beginning of the Collarbone (CB)

  8. Under the Arm (UA)

 Rate The Intensity of your Concern: