How Physiotherapy Helps

Physiotherapy - Knee Injury Rehab
Enduring performance comes from overall body alignment, not just your knee...


Value of Full Body Alignment


Your hip bone is connected to your thigh bone...A physiotherapist will assess your full body alignment and seek to support your recovery by building a solid foundation to prevent future injury.  The strength of your CORE is essential.

Your core refers to the muscles and other stabilizing structures around your lumbar spine, abdomen, pelvis and hips.  Core strength is key for good body alignment and because it supports the powerhouse of your energy systems which are all vital to promote healthy recovery from injury, including your:

  • lymphatic system which protects the body from infection

  • endocrine system which balances hormones important for metabolism, growth, water, minerals and the response to stress

  • digestive and respiratory systems. 


When you injure your knee, your body alignment is naturally pushed out of balance.  Having to place weight onto one side of the body causes stress in other areas.  A good physio will ensure that your rehab includes a strong focus on building and maintaining your core strength so that you body is kept in alignment.

Your first visit to a physio will take approx 60 minutes, you will be taken through a full assessment including medical history and insurance details.  This will determine best protocol.  From this visit your physio will suggest an appropriate rehab plan.  Typically you might expect multiple visits in the early stages of early stages of 30-60 minutes, followed by decreasing frequency over a 6 week to multiple month period depending upon your prognosis.  


Role of Physio's

Physiotherapists are trained experts in the function and movement of the body to promote mobility and health.  A good physio provides key support during knee injury rehab:

  • Starting with a diagnosis and prognosis, a physio can advocate on your behalf with other health professionals 

  • Suggest the optimal interventions and set realistic goals for recovery

  • Educate on and manage you through a safe recovery process

  • Provide support and advice should you choose to opt for surgery.

Choosing the Best Physio

Seek a licensed sports physio that specialises in knee injury rehab and can offer manual therapy in conjunction with a strengthening exercise regimen, and balance training. This combination is key to enable a comprehensive service and rounded recovery program.  Ideally your physio will have an equiped clinic with stationary bikes as well as stretching and balancing apparatus.  Consider proximity to your home as you may require multiple visits over a period of months.

When to Use Physio's

You can visit a physio without a doctor's appointment. Developing a relationship with a physio as soon as possible post injury is the best way to start your rehab.  It provides you with a knowledgable source to ask questions and ensure that your recovery is safely managed.  Athletes and sports enthusiasts naturally want to get back to sport asap and can lengthen recovery or do long term damage simply by expecting too much too soon.  A physio provides a safe structure to manage your physical recovery and your expectations.  If you need surgery your physio will help optimise your pre-surgery prep by building muscle strength and conditioning around the knee. Post surgery, your physio will provide a full rehab program including exercises and muscle stimulation.