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Fade Your Scar With Natural Remedies

Most arthroscopic knee surgery leaves minimal scaring - a thin line approximately one inch in length and a few dots. The scar forms a layer of collagen on the surface of the skin.

Natural remedies are a great way of helping the healing process to fade the appearance of your scar but they do take persistence to get results! Always test a little first on your forearm to ensure that you do not get any skin reactions.

Vitamin E Oil contains anti-oxidant that can penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and reduce free radicals that can interfere with healing. It encourages production of collagen that maintains strength and elasticity of the skin. Pierce a small capsule and rub the oil directly onto your scar. This is my favourite remedy and can work for older scars that you may have had for years.

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin irritations and remove dead skin from wounds. It repairs damaged skin cells, lessens swelling and fortifies new skin cells being produced. Gently massage Aloe Vera Gel directly on the affected area several times a day. Aloe Vera is also a wonderful natural moisturizer; it will leave your skin looking healthier and feeling softer.

Coconut Oil a great antioxidant, with healing properties for inside and outside your body. Scoop a teaspoon of coconut oil and let it melt into the palm of your hand. With your fingertips, massage oil directly into the scarred skin and let it soak. You can leave it or you can wash it with warm water after thirty minutes.

Onion Extract has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help in the healing process. It can also inhibit the production of collagen to minimize the scars. Simply squeeze the juice out of the onion and put it on the affected area.

Scarring is a natural part of healing process, but in some cases may be more severe if you have a history of keloids or over aggressive healing where regeneration of knee tissue is blocked. After 6 weeks of daily application I experienced a significant fading of my scar, with only a faint line remaining.

Good luck fading your scars!!!

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